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We are here to guide you on your design journey…

At Ms J STUDIO we recognize that entering into a new design project can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  As a full-service design team, we are here to support you through each step of the design process.  From the first set of drawings to the very last nail, we will be there to guide your project from concept to reality, opening the door to the space that you have always imagined.

  • 1. Initial Consultation
    Ms J STUDIO offers a complimentary meeting to discuss and understand your project. During this meeting, we will ask you about your ideal wish list, desired aesthetic, and approximate budget.
  • 2. Design Proposal and Fees
    After the initial consultation, we will create a comprehensive proposal that specifies the range of services, estimated hours, and project timeline.
  • 3. Contract/Suite Survey
    After the proposal has been accepted, a formal contract will be provided for signing and a deposit. Then Ms J STUDIO will visit the project site for a measure and document photos.
  • 4. Schematic Design - Design Concepts & Layouts
    We will review the floor layout plans along with the general design concepts. Ms J STUDIO will provide inspirational image boards and overall color schemes. Once the layout plan is approved and we review feedback on the conceptual design, we will develop colored elevations or schematic computer rendering to visualize your actual space.
  • 5. Design Development - Final Design Presentation
    After approval of Schematic Design packages, Ms J STUDIO will develop a drawing that includes floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, elevations, millwork detail, and Specification such as finish, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and lighting fixtures specific to the project’s types and scopes.
  • 6. Budget and Approval
    An estimated budget is prepared based on the design and materials that are proposed and accepted during the Design Development.
  • 7. Permitting/ Construction Drawing
    Ms J STUDIO offers a complete set of Architectural Construction drawings and specifications that are suitable for submission to the permit Filing, Bidding, and General construction. We submit necessary applications to regulatory authorities and get the approvals required by local government agencies.
  • 8. Consultant Coordination, Project Management
    Architectural projects usually need the expertise of various consultants such as Mechanical/Electrical/ Plumbing Engineers, Structural Engineers, an Expediter, contractors, and so on. We provide a service to ensure all aspects of the project are aligned and moving forward. This includes everything from setting budgets and timelines to coordinating subcontractors, monitoring progress, and ensuring that all parties are working collaboratively toward the same goals.
  • 9. Bidding
    We will coordinate the bid process usually with Three General contractors. Responds to any questions, level all costs, and provide a report for the client to review. Additionally, there will be two interviews with the shortlisted general contractors to make the final selection of GC.
  • 10. Construction Administrations
    Construction administration oversees contractors to ensure that desired quality standards and that the project is completed on time. Visit the construction site several times per the client’s agreement. We provide comprehensive coordination of submittals and shop drawings for all Architectural, MEP, and Structural aspects of a project.
  • 11. Furniture Procurement/ Furnishing
    Ms J STUDIO Assists Clients in selecting the appropriate furniture pieces that match their style and fulfill their functional requirements. We also source furniture items within the client’s budget, as well as arrange for delivery and installation.
  • 12. Punch List
    We will compile a punch list of anything that needs completion or touch-up and arrange to address each item on the list as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also will provide assistance with project closeout.
  • 13. Photography
    We will ask for a convenient date to professionally photograph the completed space.
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